About iFbLiker.com

What is iFbLiker?

iFbLiker is a Facebook AutoLiker official Application which was created on 20th July 2016, founded and manage by Askkonz&Juno and it started to grow with an inspiring speed.
We give you tools like Facebook Auto Liker, Auto Follow, ... and you can get many likes or followups on Facebook, comment on your Facebook status, Facebook photos and posts.
iFbLiker is completely free and never requires people to spend money to get likes or comments. We offer the best of Facebook for free!

Traffic Reach:

iFbLiker actually reaches over 5,000 visitors a day and they are all real visitors, safe traffic / users from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Our website is growing rapidly. all around the world. We have users coming from different countries.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to let people know about our site and use it; Mostly people are begging their friends to like their posts. And to introduce our site to their friends, we are very grateful.